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Tanmatra (Sanskrit: तन्मात्र) is a noun which means – rudimentary or subtle element, merely that, mere essence, potential or only a trifle. There are five sense perceptions – hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell, and there are the five tanmatras corresponding to the five sense perceptions and five sense-organs. The tanmatras combine and re-combine in different ways to produce the gross elements – earth, water, fire, air and ether, which make up the gross universe perceived by the senses. The senses play their part by coming into contact with the objects, and carry impressions of them to the manas which receives and arranges them into a precept.

No, you aren’t. Since TANMATRA products are  organic supplements with no additional chemical, it will do you no harm as long as your intake controlled.

Yes, it is as long as you follow the directions given on the box.

No, Products of TANMATRA is not chemically enhanced. All ingredients of the products is in purest form of natural ingredients with no extra additives .

Yes we are delivering our products worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions ​

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