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Are you aware of the consequences of smoking? Smoking exposes you to several deadly diseases like cancer, asthma and heart problems. Your near and dear ones are also being exposed to these diseases along with you. Thus, for the sake of health of your loved ones you must quit smoking. If you are quitting smoking that means, […]

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Educate Your Child On Smoking

Studies show adults can quit smoking under care of a counselor and physician. But this possibility is next to impossible with teenagers. Pre- teen age is an age in which we want to gain each and every experience whether good or bad. Our habits start forming at this stage like smoking. Most of us take […]

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Does Smoking Rob You Of Your Facial Charm?

Good and healthy skin is one thing that everyone wants to have. Skin originates from within. The food that we eat gets broken into simpler substances and nutrients. These nutrients and oxygen get mix with blood and are transported to all our body parts through thousands of bloodstreams. Larger parts of these nutrients get absorbed […]


Do You Want To Free Yourself Of Heart Diseases?

If the answer is yes, then follow the following steps to minimize the risk of heart attack: 1.  Take out time to relax and do proper exercises. Cardiovascular exercise is must for people who have already experienced heart attack. Exercise not only reduces the risk of heart attack, it also relives us of tiresome schedule by […]

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We always think what will happen after giving up bad habits?  Let us analyze it thoroughly in case of smoking. The benefits that follow are according to the timeline before which the smoker has quitted smoking like: What happens after 20 minutes giving up smoking? Smoking always results in high blood pressure which is harmful […]

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